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Invest in CarpeDiane

Join the project !

 Even if you are not an investor, you can embrace the challenge, fuel our dream as we tackle the initial hurdles and pave the way. 

We humbly seek your donations.


You want to create a better world for future generations?
Invest your time, money or support our community programs.

Be the change you want to see in this world!

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If you share our values and mission, you can be a part of our exciting project to make the world a better place for all. By investing in CarpeDiane Beach Resort & Spa | Tamatave, you ensure your future income in a rapidly developing industry and you actively participate in the sustainable, social and economic development of local life, while respecting nature.

Our Mission

We want to provide our customers with an authentic experience of Madagascar in a place respecting nature and where they can relax while interacting with local people.​

Our Values



We want you to experience the true nature of Madagascar, its people its culture and its nature. We take great pride in bringing a human touch in everything we offer to make you feel at home.

Our Story

Diane Irina, our founder, has decided to create an eco-friendly resort built on the land of her ancestors.

Diane's dream is to contribute to build a better world.

At CarpeDiane, you will experience the soul of Madagascar, its amazing nature and its friendly people.

Diane Irina Founder CarpeDiane Beach resort spa hotel plage tamatave madagascar ecorespons

This is an invitation for you to slow your pace, reconnect with true self, enjoy healthy food and pamper yourself at our spa


We intend to be the bridge between our customers and the local population for a positive impact on society and a meaningful experience. We truly believe that together we can make the world a better a place.

Wellbeing & Caring

Everyone deserves to be happy and that happens when you take time for yourself and bring back harmony in your body, your soul and your mind with positive energy.

We want to invite our guests to become the best version of themselves.



The choices we make to develop this resort are local centric in terms of materials, people and use of traditional know-hows.

Protecting nature is key to us and we put a great focus on recycling as well as using green energies. Our aim is to have a positive social impact to nurture the next generation of Earth lovers.

Key Figures


Luxury Eco Rooms

 Integration of nature with great comfort, Refinement and sophistication. Use of natural materials and decorative elements created by local artists. 


Tourists in Madagascar in 2019

Number of tourists in Madagascar is growing.

82% of them is looking for a meaningful and locally engaged experience


Potential Annual revenue expected (Eur)

With an expanding interest in eco friendly tourism, the estimated revenue should grow by 10% every year


Revenue Streams


Restaurant & Bar


Activities (tours)


Community programs

Child care & education

Women empowerment

Care for Environment

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CarpeDiane Beach Resort & Spa architect plans

An eco-friendly hideaway with direct access to the beach and settled in exotic surroundings  that welcome and complement its peaceful existence.

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12km south of Tamatave

Between the Pangalanes Canal and Indian Ocean 

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You may join us and become one of the investors and Sponsors that give support

Your name will be visible and remembered over time by the CarpeDiane tribe

and its visitors; either you are a private donor or a Local/Global corporate company.

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