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A sustainability project

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

At CarpeDiane, we aim from the start to build a company that embeds sustainability in its DNA and its values.

We can see the word sustainability used everywhere but how to really implement that in a company?Diane and I have discovered a fantastic way to do that following the principles of B Corp to ensure that the way we organize the company has a positive impact in this world.

We have already discussed with a great B Corp team based in Nairobi, Kenya who explained how B Corp makes us think the business in 5 areas:

Let us explain to you how we will embed those values into CarpeDiane Beach Resort & Spa | Tamatave.


We have already defines values that are respectful of the environment and of people. We want to be transparent on the decisions we take and the partners we work with.


It is essential for us that we create a work environment where people feel safe, motivated but can also develop their potential.

Community: Unity in diversity

We want to hire staff from nearby villages and therefore contribute to the development of the community. Inclusivity corresponds to diversity not only across local ethnies but open to the world. We also want to play a key role in supporting women with empowerment programs within and outside the company through targeted actions with local women groups.

Madagascar is a developing country and we want to have a positive impact on children education. We will do this through our community programs with the closest villages.


We will run a business that will take into account our carbon footprint and also that can build a better and clean environment. CarpeDiane will use clean energies as much as possible.

We aim to have a Zero waste restaurant and use local products. We will also develop an organic garden on the property.


CarpeDiane customers will be able to support local communities too by joining our programs. We want to ensure every service we provide is ethical and respectful of people and environment.

Each customer has the opportunity to plant a tree during his stay to leave a positive footprint and also to provide for future generations.

I hope you like our vision for our business and if you are also interested in B Corp, please visit their website and contribute like us to make this world a better place.

Philippe Caron

CarpeDiane Project Team

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