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ArchiTropic : Our Architect choice !!!

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Our due diligences make us choose Architropic architecture firm, with a philosophy matching ours.

Authenticity : promote local culture, know-hows and bring the beauty of the design with simplicity. Find the genius of the place, preserve its soul through time and space

Sustainaibility: respect the materiality of CarpeDiane, using natural elements that already exist for accuracy and harmony in design and building. Structure tends to promote culture through time and space for future generation

About The Artist :

Marie-Ange Kreitmann Taylor is a Magalasy and Mauritian architect who first develop her perceptual accuity through photography art performances.

She started taking architecture classes in Italy, then in Paris. Her first major project was a rehabilitation of the Château de Pointières in the Dauphiné in 2006. It was a major structural restoration completed by the interior remodeling. The challenge was to provide hyper-efficient but invisible living comfort, to preserve the authenticity of the place,

In 2007, she received a proposal to work on a residential development project of 74 hectares on the island of Nosy-be in Madagascar. Driven by a curiosity induced by her origins, she decided to move to Madagascar and opened her first agency Architropic Surl, a Malagasy company of Architecture registered with the Order of Malagasy Architects

Design Thinking around CarpeDiane Layout plan!

1. Draw to visualize the idea

2. Brainstorm and share

3. Bring it up to a professional such as Marie-Ange K.

4. Let the magic happen (work in progress, stay tuned!!!)

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