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Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Why wellbeing is so important for CarpeDiane team?

One of our core values is wellbeing and caring. We truly believe that a journey to sefl-discovery and reconnection can only happen when you feel good in your body as well as in your soul.

For these reasons, customers will feel relaxed as soon as they arrive at the resort. We have thought it through for you.

CarpeDiane resort's location

On the shore of the Indian Ocean, every morning you are invited by the sunrise to celebrate life and start a new day full of possibilities.

The resort, a real refuge spirit, is ideally located between the Pangalanes Canal and the ocean, 12km south of Tamatave in a pristine location, accessible by boat. Tamatave was know as the pirate hideaway of the Indian ocean.

Once at the resort, our team will take care of you and you can let go of all your worries and focus on yourself. We really want you to feel at home, relaxed and experience the Mora Mora philosophy (another post coming soon).

Whether you choose to sip a cocktail by the pool or enjoy the beach, this precious moment is yours and we are here to bring you the happiness you deserve.

CarpeDiane Spa

Our Spa is designed to be a judgement free space where you can be pampered and enjoy your "me" time.

CarpeDiane team believes that the healing process starts with you slowing down and reconnecting with your body, mind and soul.

Our team has mastered aromatherapy massages which combine techniques mixing a firm but gentle touch on your muscle lines to alleviate pain and untie knots. The oils that we are using are locally and organically produced. There is an oil for each mood and each issue you want to appease.

We also propose different traditional massages:

  • Signature massage is a combination a Malagasy traditional techniques with a holistic approach.

  • Thai massage with acupressure techniques on specific areas of your body following Wat Pho temple guidelines.

  • 5 senses wellness massage which offer a sensorial experience

  • 5 continent massage #m5c

You can also enjoy rejuvenation programs with facial treatment techniques.

Now that your body is relaxed, you can also work on your emotions and your soul. We propose reiki treatments to boost you energy flow and bring balance in your chakras.


Yoga means union. The union between the external and your internal world through breathing. It is about connecting yourself in harmony.

Our yoga studio is open air and facing the ocean. We do early morning sessions to welcome the sunrise and start the day full of positivity.

We also intend to host Yoga training courses on several weeks with all inclusive packages.


Our staff work in a positive environment where we value each person and our customers can feel it when people surrounding them are happy and proud to give them the best service.

Your own wellbeing is increasing also when you share and give. This is why we have created community programs for our customers where they can experience Madagascar through people and live a genuine experience. Our programs are:

  • childcare and education

  • women empowerment

  • environment protection with locals

We can't wait to see you at CarpeDiane Spa to live a unique experience of reconnection and wellbeing.

Please share with us what you like when you go to a spa.

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